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LED Lighting Solutions in Mid-Missouri

Rick's Electrical of Mexico, Missouri, can help you upgrade your current lighting system to LED Lighting. LED Lighting systems are ENERGY STAR® certified products that produce light about 90% more efficiently than incandescent systems. That means you save money in energy costs and they last much longer before needing to be replaced.
LED — LED Lighting in Mexico, MO

Is LED Lighting Right For You?

Our knowledgeable electrician will be glad to answer any questions you have about the process involved to upgrade your current lighting system. We can do an energy evaluation to let you know what the steps are to give you an estimate.

Residential & Commercial LED Systems

Whether you need minor updates to your current set-up, or considering an entire upgrade to your residential or commercial lighting system, we can handle the job. We work with all types of lighting types and can install new wiring for new construction or remodeling projects.
To find out more about our LED Lighting services, call Rick's Electrical at (573) 253-4529.